Student Spotlight - Jose on How He Came Back to Design

Just because you stopped something doesn’t mean you won’t go back to it (+ a Co.Lab event tonight!!)

According to Merriam-Webster:

grit (noun) is the firmness of mind or spirit; unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger

In that case, we’d say Jose Ortega has grit running in his veins. Because despite the many external and internal struggles he faced through his years of a career-transition, Jose still hadn’t let go of his dream of being a product designer.

Sometimes the pieces fall right into place and all works out smoothly; sometimes we unexpectedly switch directions and step into new spaces we initially hadn’t known existed; and sometimes we go back to re-explore and rediscover old pportunities that we thought were lost.

Jose’s story embodies that last scene, capturing the twists and turns we frequently take to get to that next milestone in our careers. Hailing from a non-traditional background, he was able to leverage his learnings so far to move forward and today, he’s a proud member of the COLAB4 cohort as product designers.

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But before we dive in--hold up what’s this? A free event highlighting advice and tips on landing your first dev job? That’s right folks 😌 Our very own Alexander Calia from COLAB3 is coming to talk tonight on his career-transition and job-hunting experience! His name might sound familiar as we did a feature on his story a few weeks back.

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