Developer Spotlight: Alexander Calia and the Next Level to His Career Game

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Have you experienced a point in your career where you paused and thought, huh…you’re comfortable? Too comfortable.

Alexander Calia came to that conclusion in 2020. After eight years in the IT space as a technical systems specialist, he realized his career growth was becoming stagnant. What he was doing leaned more towards the generalist side. He needed to specialize. It was time to level up.

And level up he did.

Alexander recently landed his first web-development role at Air Miles and this week would be his first week! Before this? He was one of Co.Lab’s very own developers in the Winter 2021 cohort. (Pssst—applications for the Spring 2021 Software Developer program is now open!!)

So how did he work his way to a dev role with no relevant work experience, and what were some of his learnings along the way?

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