Getting into tech is haaaard.

And it’s especially hard when you come from a non-traditional or under-represented background.

We’re Helen and Sefunmi, and we have experience shipping products for a variety of companies, big and small. 👋 However, the two of us definitely do come backgrounds that don’t “fit the mold”, so we totally understand the struggle. The good thing is that we’re here to help you make those steps.

The goal of this newsletter is simple

We’re here to give tips and tricks on breaking into (and thriving in) tech, from the lens of a non-traditional technologist. To showcase the various stories of success and struggle of other diverse techies.

Let’s change the landscape of tech together! And let’s inspire and empower each other as we go.

A humble ask

If you vibe with our content, share them with your friends! 🙏 Interact with us and each other, even just as a reminder that we’re not alone in these struggles.

Otherwise, we can be reached on LinkedIn or on Twitter. Let’s make those necessary and helpful connections!

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